Financial Performance Engine

Financial Performance Engine


The long term success of the enterprise is wholly dependent on effective transmission of mission-critical information throughout the organization.

Get your planning and budgeting done swiftly, more accurately, and with less effort accross your organization's departments. FINENGIN calculates your loans repayments & interests, whether discounted bills, overdraft or term loan, and links them to overall financial budget.

In today's business enviroment, it's impossbile to adjust to market volatility using spreadsheets or legacy systems. Use the resources efficiently and effectively to analyze business performance to drive your company’s future growth instead.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Executives and business users will view plans and monthly performance in the best data visualization. Flexible, interactive and fully customizable to optimize real-time data consumption and analysis.

Smart Reporting Tools

Complete reporting for every stakeholder need, including integrated financial reporting (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow), management reports, and statutory reports, plus Microsoft Office add-ins for Excel® and PDF®

Cloud based - Microsoft® Azure

As a Microsoft Cloud ISV Partner, FINENGIN was built from day one as a cloud platform, leveraging Microsoft's security, scalability and systems availability. Cost-effective business model for low IT budgets.

Efficient Data Integration

Leveraging Microsoft® Data Factory for data integration that orchestrates and automates the movement and transformation of data in and out.

Blazing Data Processing

FINENGIN powered by a proprietary data processing engine so that regardless of dataset size, users can plan and analyze mission critical information at speed.

Collaborative Financial Platform

FINENGIN enables flexible role-based security levels for user types. It possible for analysts to safely and simultaneously collaborate according to areas of responsibility.


FINENGIN is Microsoft® Cloud and BizSpark Partner since 2015. We offer our solutions through Cloud-based technology.

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