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Integrated financial planning and forecasting modeling made easy with FINENGIN FP&A platform


Intuitive System Setup

Straightforward setup, intuitive administration and system parameters made easy without the need for IT department to reflect on continuous changes by business.

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Enterprice-Wide Collaboration

Complete platform that supports the office of finance’s budgeting, planning and forecasting efforts via integrated financial planning and best-practice forecasting & modeling.

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Analytics & Insights

Performance reporting that takes management reporting to a new level of inclusion and ease of use to transform traditional management reports into “performance playbooks”.

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Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

All You Need is a Browser!

Jumpstart with new project today and get free 30-day trial. Work on your next-year financial plans and analytics with easy-to-use planning & budgeting platform.

  • 60 mintues all that is required to create integrated operational budget or business dashboard
  • Access the system from your laptop, mobile or tablet with fully responsive controls
  • Save and share your work with different departments, extraction using MS Excel format

Step 1 - Customize to your settings

Identify users, departments, currencies, branches and allocation drivers parameters to mach your business needs.


Step 2 - Collaborate on Budgeting

Fill in with your team next-year's workforce, sales, marketing and expenditures budgets to transactional level data.


Step 3 - Present Analytics and findings

Create, manage and distribute both static reports and interactive business intelligence dashboards across your entire enterprise.


Core Features

Flexibe tool for small and midsize users with cost-effective plans

Reliable Architecture

Leveraging Microsoft Azure to organize service delivery

Modular Platform

Budgeting, Forecasting & Analytics all in one platform

Beautiful Interface

Easy to use platform with changing color capability

Collaborative Platform

Work together as a team on budgeting and analytics

Self-Service Analytics

Empower users with state-of-art analytical tools

Version Control

Ensure changes to data don't affect prior versions

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